AVO #2 Classic

A Connecticut shade wrapper enfolding a binder and filler of exquisite Dominican leaves presents one of the world’s most recognizable fine cigars. Top drawer construction, consistency, and taste. Produces a mellow, unforgettable flavor. 17

Romeo y Julietta 1875 Bully

An all time favorite, the Bully smokes mellow and earthy, with yet a bit of spice. An Indonesian wrapper is complimented by a binder and filler of Dominican leaves. 10

Rocky Patel Edge Lite

Mild, creamy, and rich in flavor. Complex and consistent, with a smooth draw and long finish. An Ecuadorian grown Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and filler leaves from Nicaragua and Honduras. This smoke is complex and consistent. 12


Rocky Patel Vintage 90

A twelve year old Honduran broadleaf wrapper enhanced with a Nicaraguan binder, and Dominican and Nicaraguan filler leaves. This cigar tastes of nuts and caramel. Elegant and balanced. 16


Davidoff Special R

A product from the most revered name in the cigar world. Full flavored and sophisticated, with a filler and binder of only the finest Dominican leaves, enclosed in an Ecuadorian wrapper. A truly “special” smoke. 24

Padron 3000 Natural

The original Padron line is a solid medium body and, as a result of the rigorous quality control program at the factory, enthusiasts can count on the perfect draw and burn each time they light up. The natural wrapper cigars are a bit spicy with well-balanced elements of flavor. 10


Padron 1964 Anniversary Superior Maduro

These cigars represent the finest tobacco that can be grown in the soil of Nicaragua. Rich complex aromas. The Finish on these cigars are long and the most unique aspect of the cigar is its balance. While so many flavors populate the palate, each is distinctly definable as the cigar changes from the moment you light it up to the moment you put it down. 17

Gran Vida Maduro by Rocky Patel

This cigar is highlighted by its complexity. Starting with a Pennsylvania maduro wrapper, a Honduran binder, and finished with filler leaves from Panama and Nicaragua, this is a smoke with some spice. 12

Fuente Hemingway Short Story

Each cigar is a perfecto shape and has a Dominican filler andbinder with a Cameroon wrapper. It is a cigar with lots of rich earthy flavors and a pleasant spicy finish. Wood aromas are also detected on the palate as an underlying aroma. 9


Padron 1926 Anniversary Series #1

Fuller bodied and has a full spicy flavor that entices the palate. To achieve this unique taste, the tobaccos used are aged for a full 5 years. 27

Davidoff Gran Cru #2

Cigar Aficionados love the harmonious proportions of diameter, length and blend of this balanced and full-bodied Corona format. 19